This is a special sneak preview of what to expect and or are pre sale for private bulk for medical practitioners and private clinic and educational practice to research case study prototypes that we promote a new platform for a whole new medical industry upgrade in technology powered by nature, the point where holistic goes biotech just in time for the end of the pandemic, to roll in a whole new U.S. with world peace, that we are not the generation to kill or be killed, survival was yesterday, now all we have is a true freedom today, no excuse or reason to fall again , we now all wake-up

being the first americans to design the future not destroy it ,so,

let it be known that we are

living on the edge of history

with our planet the manifestation

of the greatest american dream that we all achieved world peace.

The Product Samples of ready to roll out medical equipment hand picked by Poet Name Lifeۋ

Finally, all mind, all good & mine! Mine!Mmm…

mMy machine!!!

the whole point of this is totally because Music Medicine Inc. Products of Legal new frequency equipment that we collaborate with original inventors with celebrities and curated artists and top tutorial tube stars that open up a new X-pander maker market of wellness and cryptopharma futures that support recovery and reconciliation campaigns for infrastructure implementation that bring the music industry with a foundation as music being wellness with a whole new workforce that double up every medical title jobforce with the legal system support allows a new wave of investing , healing , therapy, institution research funding venue to maas&taas and crypto currency futures that expand into my fav. sector of Organic Telecom and botanical data & telemedicine expansions of what medicine take forms in computing to go nature powered arc pulse singularity for ev2030 and gluten free gets zapped with cancer, sci-fi goes really-foo and silent, so bye bye voices meaning madness is on the run now…and horses! Animal Medicine gets a double up that not only heal, but translate thanks to mr. Ed! (it’s like the never ending story)

Music vaginal medicine; tighten, rejuvenate, papbate, sterilize & strengthen

The devices, machines, wands are all frequency based, tonal therapy, ultra sound, ir pulse, rf+, app managed and custom controlled.

Vending machine stack of Legal OTC Music Medicine rx audio packs for every pill.

A workforce behind every medicine and brand addition upgrade that also extend to the clean stream digital dosages that balance communication of telecom & biocom.

fashionably late as all great times take, we today have achieved, the greatest thing to ever be is :

World peace