sickness begin

as a bad thought,

end as a good one.

with music medicine

cure all disease.

A place for the talent,

tools, trade & storage

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*Virtual-Reality venue

*metaverse & microsoft

Down Syndrome is a malpractice . by every new technology and by the BCI & eeg updated software modernizing everyone why we are equally made by how powerful our mind is when belief is basis of truth in a clear timeline of our history to exposing what triggered the first war in 1912?how Ukrainian legends of neuroscience not only invented bci & EEG to fix ds but every disease that began as[this pandemic]to be officially solved by this gen. Join us on a final mission of world peace that starts in believing we already achieved it…”They’re Fixable!”-

new dynamic in cyber security protocol for identifying airborne transmission paths that upgrade A.I. sight/dar&tra.ec key to algorithm function to update prevention live feed

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music medicine Inc. & sectors are a first of many developing wellness forces of the all new California recovery & reconciliation initiatives that close an era of war, to bring the official end of the 1912 pandemic that every disease to covid become music medicine’s grand mission to deliver official cures and the solutions that rescue our damsel in distress the music industry that begin with a Retail apocalypse as our graduation present that bares a factor of age being #thereal first gen of modern Americans that are not warriors but #thefirst designers of the all new United States at its greatest time, after a century of wars, we start this new experience without any war between the worlds nations, as every great moment in history were that of war we start with world peace achieved. the design of MMI is to set an example at future formulas and business models that support the Districting process for the official integration of a whole new modern infrastructure that embraces the ev2030, Maas&Taas, Ham & old com equipment Cleanup, public school upgrades, L.A. Aqueduct, fusion houses and enviro-eco expansions for an ultimate wellness not welfare in uplifting in long term strategic alliances for entrepreneurism to be the focus that healthcare go ‘wealth care’ all in one focus region to inspire empire-ship as Los Angeles the canvas of over 300 pilots that employ, educate, invest , and ultimately heal in a series of new medicine that adds a mega dynamic to what corporate remedies will be in all things wireless, legal cures that are the missing link hidden by terrorisms effects of mental sickness that to save lives by providing the insta cure by frequency balancing, painless deep surgical procedures that opening career extensions to all big pharma&data product quantified to add value and highest quality in medical practitioners and students as investment , yes crypto futures is key, bringing talent and the health institutions for the critical research demands that fund the artists and musicians that online certificate and degree upgrade and award the community’s patrons with investos* active in designing the now solutions, responsible for new infrastructure systems and structures of #realresponses to our world degradation in what terrorism has left, join us in solving every last bit and cleaning up the mess in curing every disease with Music Medicine’s 501(c)3 for all research and events coming soon,

x-team 1 01/22-01/23 research&reconsil

our nations public Schools must be the priority of expense

as the financial solution to making our economy stabilized with poverty as a mythology not in pandemic or a harbor of horror by welfare that contract bind the people as subjects of poverty or disability, that lower our economy statistically . The 9 Trillion per year should be for the schools not allowing broken parenting. Mminc. 501(c)3 sector provides the platform, outlet, team, and advocacy templates , podcast forums, spoken word medicine in sum a new dynamic of empowerment in mental clarity D.I.P.’s* to master the voice within.

“supply the youth wellness not welfare.”

we are “x”upport system focused on all new dynamics of education in research empowering the youth with modern solutions that relate to our nations public school system in the form of apps, Hardware, network, modular classrooms, curriculum upgrades, updates of theory’s to facts so that youth innovate with ideation to design the infrastructure of our nation.

schools 2022,


#Acctivateyouth #empowerteachers #POVERTYISMYTHOLOGY

create New curriculum that relate to todays society and youth culture. Think Modern:

crypto 101

blockchain algebra

Culinary Science

Money Math



3D printing


freestyle dance PE

beauty science

Gaming Science

code writing



Tutorial ed.


regions Music Medicine

infrastructure in support are :

The end of mental sickness & disease is real. To expand the Health & Medical Industry with Amazing solutions and products is our goal.

Providing universal knowledge of tradition by modern invention

ACHIEVES world Peace.

Technology preview

Of Music medicine X

Oem products that supply demand and support world economy investing in international business trade allows curriculum based on Steam & Stem biotech & telemedicine.

sci-fi medicine is real,

new tools to fix frequency…

tap in

we Inspire Insight Instantly like:

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