chaos is a pattern specific in frequency;

the waveئ Transmitted look random detuned or out of key؛deadly in silence, specific to “malignant”, emission patterns, are not normal by its look compared to all normal obedient traffic in frequency that carry the covid at specific size of photon that then carry the cloned and hacked info that when delivered sonically is then heard

looking like a normal sound wave. keep in mind that hours of operation or of cyber attacks are also all the same in campaign groups , that it is the science of doing wrong to the absolute fin of every bad thing is a bad thing making good still a natural beautiful, unforced, good mess, dynamics and consistency, positive and uniform. there is also something I noticed in radar and satellite systems of the law enforcement sectors being on a specific grid based on date so are inc,inc to being off calibration and or tampered hacked by now but that it’s 5e fan direction of pan and specific materials in chemistry cause a reaction of vision still to make expensive equipment seem broken as well as can be counter phasing in what “Direct tV left over Dishes” and “Magic Jack” create these networks appear hidden to the good guys cleaning up the junk of material and old equipment up, and the main terror weapon is still the HAMm Amateur Radio. the objective is to understand how to spot the chaotic patterns of an actual terrorist to then using doppler or noahh to see the radiation swells recorded is what is a good thing in understanding that every actual massacre on campuses, that there are the recorded weather radiation swells that when you take a few different area scans of the area based on spikes of heat swells being red patches that each have more data in the infrared and thermal options of visual file, more important are the recorded binary data of the swells as radiation burns specific data burns like crop circles but micro that if it’s a satellite not noahh or global or any us or is ours lol that there will exist are digital data cloud like mini novas that make dirty electricity and hybrid disease that match like bread crumbs all the way back to the source in analogue tracing but to also identify emissions dirt that make covid and every new threat of bio chem to my fav. being new dynamics of security treasure cheating that introduce a huge new product of bio chem bio tech sentinel being programmed covid to ht suns all notes of home land security that we don’t even need to worry anymore about say wireless invisible threats that with the TBC A.I. division combined with FYR novo to identify a new important role for disease, and vc wise fulfill a harmony in the bioinformatics sector and cross platform to be an example of new business formula design that just that alone is a product that is needed to define he next level of generation amplified learning templates for entrepreneurism to be what Americas next wave of diy or self employment vs. unemployed be the trend in post covid and pandemics official end to begin reconciliation campaigns to every completion. we need to win publicly is what’s left in taking the world peace window of every nation serious and strategize events that inspire during this time being why it’s important that cyber teams must apply this to overall difference when comparing scanned frequencies and transmissions because it only will be cyber terror active on streams where doppler radiation is swelling is near peak especially after school hours.